History is never black and white—except in chess.

Welcome to Enchanted Springs, where spirits stroll moonlit streets, witches wield magic with a modern twist, and the past is always present.

When the ghosts of two town founders resurrect a historic rivalry, they agree to face off on a life-size chessboard. The showdown pits Henry Addison, a visionary industrialist, against Hettie Stillson, a staunch Temperance advocate. And for this ghostly game, they’ll play with spectral armies of ghosts, paranormal players standing in for all the pieces.

Their coveted trophy: a bottle of wine so rare, it glows with the spirits of vineyards long since past, guarded by a priest whose love for a fine vintage is surpassed only by his reverence for the sacred rules of play.

Marley Montgomery is the proprietor of the Enchanted Antique Shop. Her friend Sadie is a history professor. And when Violet, one of the shop’s resident spirits, invites them to witness the metaphysical match, it’s an offer they can’t refuse—especially since Violet, a spirited 1920s flapper, will play the part of the white queen.

Amidst a symphony of otherworldly melodies, Marley and Sadie discover that in Enchanted Springs, the game of chess is a dance of destiny, where every move echoes through eternity, and the shadows of history come alive to play their part.

Also available in large print and audio.