Hindsight is 20-20.

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Antiques and Apparitions, the captivating prequel to the beloved Enchanted Antique Shop series, introduces readers to Marley Montgomery, a talented Miami photographer with a secret she’s yet to uncover. In this spellbinding tale, Marley’s ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn when she discovers she’s no mere mortal, but a time-traveling witch with the rare ability to see ghosts and echoes of the past.

As Marley’s gifts begin to develop, a series of mysterious visions lead her back to her hometown of Enchanted Springs. Here, among the enchanting streets and old-world charm of Settlers Weekend, Marley is drawn into a world where the past lingers in the shadows and whispers secrets in the wind.

Join Marley as she steps through the veil of time, unravels mysteries long buried, and discovers that every antique has a story to tell. Step into the Enchanted Antique Shop, where every object has a tale to weave, and the whispers of the past are just a page turn away.