About Cielle Kenner

Cielle Kenner’s books are set in the small town of Enchanted Springs—where ghosts are friendly, magic is real, and time is anything but linear. It’s a charming small town in Central Florida, loosely based on Cielle’s own real-life hometown near Ponce de Leon’s legendary Fountain of Youth.

Cielle started writing professionally at the age of seventeen, first as a newspaper reporter, then as a magazine editor and author of several non-fiction books. Along the way, she earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from California State University.

Cielle is a certified tarot master and certified astrologer, and an expert in ancient mythology and storytelling models like the Hero’s Journey. She’s also a graduate of the Citizens Police Academy, and her formal training in police procedures and criminal investigations imbues her mystery stories with a sense of realism and authenticity.

When she’s not writing, Cielle finds inspiration in red wine, baked potatoes, and gently haunted antique shops. She likes cats and dogs equally; at the moment, she’s dog mom to a feisty Jack Russell terrier named Dottie. Cielle also likes to crochet, even though she’s not very good at it, and she has more yarn hidden in her craft closet than she’ll ever be able to use.

Cielle is available for book signings, book talks, and book club discussions. You can find her online and across social media @ciellekenner.

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