The Enchanted Antique Shop Mysteries

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Antiques and Apparitions

Hindsight is 20-20.

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An ordinary photo shoot becomes an extraordinary invitation to adventure, when Marley Montgomery encounters a mysterious photobomber on a Miami beach. The bathing beauty, dressed in swimwear from a century ago, pops up in almost every frame.

When the fashionable flapper follows Marley back to her hometown of Enchanted Springs, the mystery deepens. Before long, Marley realizes that her photos reveal more than meets the eye—and that her gift for photography is bigger than she ever imagined.

As a favor to her grandmother, Marley agrees to photograph the community’s Founders Festival. As she works, Marley discovers that her charming hometown is anything but ordinary. She also learns that Enchanted Springs harbors secrets—and that some ghosts of the past are dying to come out of the shadows and into the light.

Luckily, Marley has people she can trust: her Grandma Clara, owner of the Enchanted Oven bakery; Eleanor, the proprietor of the Enchanted Antique Shop; and Sadie, the new history professor in town. And with the help of her unlikely band of guides, Marley can face a future that’s intertwined with the past.

The Enchanted Antique Shop

A haunted mansion, a priceless painting, and a spirited sleuth. It’s just another magic Monday in Enchanted Springs.

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Marley Montgomery is the newest proprietor of the Enchanted Antique Shop. She’s also the latest in a line of time-traveling witches, a talent that caught her completely by surprise.

Upended by her unexpected abilities, she’s come back to her charming hometown—a perfectly normal paranormal community. Nestled within its borders, witches cast spells, spirited ghosts share stories from the Great Beyond, and vampire detectives take a bite out of crime.

When an art heist leads to murder, Marley is plunged headfirst into a mystery that threatens to turn her new life upside down. And when a legendary ghost asks for help, she must untangle a web of family secrets, hidden motives, and haunted history to catch a killer and recover a missing masterpiece.

Belated Blessings

The search for an ordinary object becomes a tale of connection, memory, and the infinite dance of time.

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In the charming small town of Enchanted Springs, Marley Montgomery’s life as the proprietor of the Enchanted Antique Shop is far from ordinary. Hidden within the store is a secret time-travel portal that whirls her into the past. But when Marley steps through that portal for a simple errand—to recover a missing piece of vintage dinnerware—she embarks on a journey that will stretch the very fabric of time.

Through the quiet back room of her shop, where echoes of the past cling to dusty shelves, Marley steps into 1954. It’s a world where the American Dream is alive and well, with unparalleled hopes and family gatherings frozen in amber … and in the soft candlelight of memory, she finds herself tethered to an elderly man with a final Thanksgiving Day wish.

In the Enchanted Antique Shop, every ticking clock tells a story, and every heartbeat is a step on the path to infinity. Join Marley as she learns that some journeys through time are more than just a trip to the past—they are voyages into the heart.

The Christmas Spirit

‘Tis the season to be haunted.

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As Marley Montgomery embraces her role as proprietor of the Enchanted Antique Shop, she faces an unexpected challenge. Throughout Enchanted Springs, the community’s Christmas spirit is waning. When the ghost of its founder descends from the shop’s attic, tragically bound in ethereal chains, Marley realizes that she’s got to work her own brand of magic to rescue him.

To save both the ghost and the holiday, Marley must embark on a journey through time to rediscover the magic of Christmas Past. It’s a quest that will test both her abilities and her understanding of the town’s history.
Can she rekindle the warmth and charm of long-lost Christmas joy? Can she free the town’s founder from his spectral bonds? Or will the residents of Enchanted Springs face a bleak and desolate holiday season?

The Christmas Spirit weaves a tale of magic, mystery, and the enduring power of community.

Death and Doughnuts

Bread rises. Corpses don’t.

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In the charming town of Enchanted Springs, where magic flows freely, the Enchanted Oven bakery has always been a haven of comfort. But when a mysterious death mars an ordinary morning, the bakery becomes the center of an unexpected investigation.

Marley Montgomery, owner of the beloved Enchanted Antique Shop, finds herself surrounded by suspects, and every clue conceals a secret.

Join Marley, her grandmother Clara, and detective Jack Edgewood as they navigate through a web of secrets, surprises, and scents to uncover the truth.

Enchanted Evening

Step into a world where magic is always brewing.

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When Marley Montgomery is invited to a murder mystery dinner at a paranormal speakeasy, she expects an evening of enchantment and playful intrigue beneath the shimmering lights of Spirits, the hidden gem of Enchanted Springs. But as the curtains rise on the “Crimson Heist,” what begins as scripted fun quickly descends into chaos.

The theft of a prop necklace and a real-life murder turn the night from a game into a deadly reality. Now, the story is dangerously off script, and Marley finds herself at the heart of a real-life mystery that echoes through the corridors of time. As the spirits of the past stir, Marley must risk her own safety—and the course of history—to unmask the murderer before the guilty party can vanish into the night.

Frozen Charlotte

Thrills and Chills

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Life in a gently haunted antique shop offers more than a few thrills and chills—but when an unseasonable cold front sweeps through the Enchanted Antique Shop during a Florida heatwave, proprietor Marley Montgomery and her spectral team need to act fast.

It’s not just a chill in the air. The icy presence is even endangering the resident spirits at the shop.

To save them from certain doom, Marley teams up with a host of magical allies, including her grandmother Clara, her mentor Eleanor, and her best friend Sadie. A few friendly ghosts get involved, too—like Violet, a spirited 1920s flapper, and her spectral Siamese kitten.

Ghostly Gambits

History is never black and white—except in chess.

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When the ghosts of two town founders resurrect a historic rivalry, they agree to face off on a life-size chessboard. The showdown pits Henry Addison, a visionary industrialist, against Hettie Stillson, a staunch Temperance advocate. And for this ghostly game, they’ll play with spectral armies of ghosts, paranormal players standing in for all the pieces.

Their coveted trophy: a bottle of wine so rare, it glows with the spirits of vineyards long since past, guarded by a priest whose love for a fine vintage is surpassed only by his reverence for the sacred rules of play.

Marley Montgomery is the proprietor of the Enchanted Antique Shop. Her friend Sadie is a history professor. And when Violet, one of the shop’s resident spirits, invites them to witness the metaphysical match, it’s an offer they can’t refuse—especially since Violet, a spirited 1920s flapper, will play the part of the white queen.

Amidst a symphony of otherworldly melodies, Marley and Sadie discover that in Enchanted Springs, the game of chess is a dance of destiny, where every move echoes through eternity, and the shadows of history come alive to play their part.

Haunted History

Welcome to Enchanted Springs, where the past is always present.

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Ever since Marley Montgomery moved back home to Enchanted Springs, she’s been inundated with surprises. First, she discovered that she was a witch, and then she was handed the keys to the Enchanted Antique Shop.

Now, as she struggles to master both gifts, there’s another mystery to solve. Enchanted Springs is gearing up to celebrate the anniversary of a cultural sensation: A Murder of Crows. As planning begins, a modern-day murder sends shockwaves through the community. With the help of her newfound powers, Marley must sort through the pages of the past to unveil the truth behind the murder.

With her gift of time travel and a knack for uncovering secrets, Marley embarks on a thrilling journey to unravel the twisted tapestry connecting the past and present. Assisted by her best friend Sadie, a historian, her sassy ghostly companion, Violet, and the enigmatic vampire detective, Jack Edgewood, Marley must navigate a web of alibis, hidden motives, and haunted artifacts.

As the festival honoring A Murder of Crows approaches, Marley races against time to unmask the murderer. But the closer she gets to the truth, the more she realizes that the shadows of the past are intertwined with the present, and long-buried secrets are more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.

A Magical Feast

Step into a world where magic is always brewing.

An evening’s worth of recipes for astounding aperitifs, elegant entrees, and delectible desserts.

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A Magical Feast invites you to recreate the menu that charmed partygoers in Enchanted Evening, the magical mystery by author Cielle Kenner.

Discover the sparkling cocktails crafted by Lucius Black, the enigmatic proprietor of Spirits—the paranormal speakeasy hidden in plain sight. Recreate the sumptuous entrées prepared by Sylvia Robinson, Enchanted Springs’ best-known chef. And finish your own enchanted evening with delectable desserts perfected by Clara Montgomery, owner of the Enchanted Oven bakery.

Whether you’re hosting a grand gala or an intimate gathering of friends, the dishes in A Magical Feast will bring a touch of magic to your table. Prepare to dazzle your guests with flavors that are as enchanting as all the stories from the Enchanted Antique Shop series.