Thrills and Chills!

Life in a gently haunted antique shop offers more than a few thrills and chills—but when an unseasonable cold front sweeps through the Enchanted Antique Shop during a Florida heatwave, proprietor Marley Montgomery and her spectral team need to act fast.

It’s not just a chill in the air. The icy presence is even endangering the resident spirits at the shop.
To save them from certain doom, Marley teams up with a host of magical allies, including her grandmother Clara, her mentor Eleanor, and her best friend Sadie. A few friendly ghosts get involved, too—like Violet, a spirited 1920s flapper, and her spectral Siamese kitten.

As disaster looms, Marley and Sadie must undertake a perilous quest to the past in search of a solution. But time is running out. If they can’t break the spell that has them wrapped in perpetual winter, they could risk being frozen in time—forever.

Also available in large print and audio.