The search for an ordinary object becomes a tale of connection, memory, and the infinite dance of time.

In the charming small town of Enchanted Springs, Marley Montgomery’s life as the proprietor of the Enchanted Antique Shop is far from ordinary. Hidden within the store is a secret time-travel portal that whirls her into the past. But when Marley steps through that portal for a simple errand—to recover a missing piece of vintage dinnerware—she embarks on a journey that will stretch the very fabric of time.

Through the quiet back room of her shop, where echoes of the past cling to dusty shelves, Marley steps into 1954. It’s a world where the American Dream is alive and well, with unparalleled hopes and family gatherings frozen in amber … and in the soft candlelight of memory, she finds herself tethered to an elderly man with a final Thanksgiving Day wish.

In the Enchanted Antique Shop, every ticking clock tells a story, and every heartbeat is a step on the path to infinity. Join Marley as she learns that some journeys through time are more than just a trip to the past—they are voyages into the heart.

Also available in large print and audio.