The Ghost of Griffith Park

True stars shine for eternity.

Jake Cazimi, heir to a movie-making dynasty, was born under a sky filled with shooting stars. His legacy seems assured: surely, he’s destined to lead Cazimi Studios into the future of filmmaking.

But Jake has other ideas. He sets his sights on real stars, not movie stars, and studies astrophysics instead.

On the night he turns 21, Jake receives a mysterious bequest: a battered wooden trunk filled with Hollywood memorabilia. He unpacks the trunk, only to come face to face with the ghost of its former owner: Celeste Truebridge, a faded silent-movie star.

Together they travel through time and space, to the early days of Hollywood. And there, in a world where the magic of moviemaking is still young, Jake learns that bright lights cast dark shadows—and in the glow of the silver screen, nothing is what it seems.